To all “students”:

Please understand that you have been lied to and fooled. Your good will and real wish to evolve has     been co-opted by a group of Psychotic people. This may seem unbelievable to you but you can read this and VERIFY FOR YOURSELF.


First Things First:

NOBODY who is in a cult believes that they are in a cult. Don’t be too horrified ……. You are not alone and you are in good company.

If you are feeling scared, guilty, weak or wrong for reading this you can rest assured your brain if not completely washed….  has had a good soaking.

I was a member of this group for many years. I thought after years of searching for a real teaching that I had finally found a place where students were genuinely interested in evolution and consciousness. For the most part, I had every reason to believe. The students were dedicated and serious about learning and the “teachers”  had some excellent information that was very exciting to hear. I enjoyed the teachings and did my best to apply the work ideas to my life and often times they worked. I was a convinced I would never leave school.
Yes the commitment was great and highly time-consuming but the benefits far outweighed the down side and besides, I was an evolving man. Part of a very exclusive club and from what I knew doing the only thing that could really help the world…waking up….. What could be better than that ?
Yes there were some strange things that I did not understand but once again I didn’t care.. I was learning and where else could I find the structure and rigor of this “school?”

Some of the strange things:
1) I was told that I was involved in a real school connected to the schools of antiquity..ie..the Platonic school, the school of Pythagoras, Shakespeare, The Renaissance etc. etc. yet on the 3 different occasions I asked Gans and other “teachers” about our schools connection I never got ANY answer. With each inquiry I was treated more and more harshly… On my final attempt a ‘older student’ physically pulled me down in my seat while a lieutenant of Gans’ insulted me and said “how dare you manifest like that.”  I couldn’t believe no one else in the room thought that not getting an answer was odd.

1A) As a new “student” I was treated kindly and given much encouragement and individual attention. I remember our class had about 10 to 12 people and we got all the help we needed and our time commitment was only a couple of hours 2 X a week. This was a great deal although the mystery of the organization was disturbing. Then I was all of a sudden moved up, or as the fake teachers said ‘”given the privilege” to study in an older group of 50 students. All of a sudden 4hrs a week with a great amount of help and attention turned into 12 to 14 hrs a week (not including recruiting) with little or no attention.This is when the bullying and enslavement begins. I was manipulated and coerced into doing “service” run by an old witch of a “student.’

2)   The “teachers” all seemed like addicts.  Fred Mindell, Greg Koch, Mary Terry and Sharon herself could not, and still cannot control themselves when it comes to alcohol, food, cigarettes and prescription drugs. They ALL seem to be alcoholics and food addicts. This complete lack of self-control is not indicative of an evolved or evolving person. Before you try to teach others to master themselves you should have mastery over yourself. NONE of them have the self-control required of a real teacher.
3) Violent and often times random outbursts from “teachers” (where the arrow is NOT pointing both ways) that often would leave students shaking and crying often times with no apparent justification. I am Not an oversensitive person. I enjoy physical, emotional and mental rigor. I actually seek it out and I do not mind somebody pointing out my flaws. This IS necessary and required for evolution and I accept that. Often times the rants were completely unjustified.   All too often the sheer violence and hate spewed out by “teachers” and older “students” was (is) alarming. It is often struggle with massive destruction. The intent of these degrading and humiliating experiences would soon be revealed.

4) MANY of the students had little or no social life. They became slaves to the make believe “school” Many of them sad and bitter. There was an obvious inner-circle …It felt a lot like high school and who was “in” and who wasn’t….a lot of nastiness and pettiness.
5)  There were always new rules and some rules that were followed sometimes and other time not at all. I remember once Gans randomly brought ‘a neighbor’ of hers to an event we were having in class. An absolute breech of the privacy we were  all demanded to regard. Yet that week I witnessed her mercilessly screaming and ridiculing someone for a minor infraction of a rule I never even heard of.
6) Why the need for such austere “privacy?”   We are simply a group of people studying ideas.  Our government is a bit oppressive but even today nobody could or would even care to stop such a harmless group. Gurdjieff and Ouspensky gave lectures openly and Ouspensky and Gurdjieff advertised their events and wrote newspaper articles and books about the Work. They did not hide ….at all  !
Gans is laundering money and lots of it..  Roughly around $50,000 per month that does not include the other fake school she runs in Boston and the one overseas in Copenhagen. …. She may be totaling well over $100,000.00 A MONTH and she is constantly at work to take money from “students” and manipulate marriages that will assure her a  greater income and increased “devotion”, thus the secrecy.

7) She literally took credit for President Obama getting elected. Saying that her and Robert were continuously advising Obama the entire election. Really Delusional. I cringed with embarrassment for her and the others who bought it.. I could tell that this even made some of the “teachers” uncomfortable.  She then threw herself a “victory party” when he won… We had to pay for it.

8) She did and said a lot of stupid things and is EXTREMELY Vain. One time she went on a rant saying “how come you are not all on your knees begging me to stay?” ….she was dead serious.  She displayed a lot of erratic and wildly inconsitant behavior. She seemed drunk more than a few times. She rarely listened to or asked advice from those around her. She is way too sure of herself for someone who is so often Wrong.

9) It was expensive and we were Constantly being hit up for more and more money. Why did we have to pay for EVERYTHING? Why wasn’t our tuition used for parties, or Christmas class or 3rd line of work?  Do the math and you will see that she and her gang are flat out robbing people.

10)  Recruiting or “3rd line of work” was a never-ending saga. It seems like that became an “older student’s”  primary function. Hundreds of hours wasted. I spent the last 7 years doing this work and every time the aim period ended another one began. This was exhausting. I spent 30 to 40 hours a month FOR YEARS. A real teaching would simply attract new students.
I could go on with my past reservations but the point is at the time I didn’t care. It seemed that the positives outweighed the negatives and I did not believe that anyone was really being harmed. I thought “so what if these people are a little kooky no one is being hurt.”……..
Then I found out that Gans and company were REALLY manipulating people’s lives, in demented and insidious ways.  She is responsible for intentionally breaking up marriages, arranging marriages, having babies given up for adoption, again and again and simply destroying people’s lives. Can you imagine parents in the group being told to give up their child?…..

and they do it!!!

If that is not evidence of Brainwashing and Mind Control what is?

Of course the “teachers” all get behind her as they themselves are often involved in Gans’ sick, violent and self-serving “fix-ups.” This is one of the many reasons there is SO much secrecy in and around the group. Anyone with any conscience would be appalled  and horrified if they knew this happened once let alone realize Gans is CONSTANTLY at work to break up marriages and re-arrange people’s lives to benefit her.

As I continue to talk with ex-members I continue to hear these heart-breaking stories.Including members that have given small fortunes to Gans as well as decades of slave labor.

Her fake teachers and lieutenants Fred Mindell and Greg Koch have been married to several current students and have fathered several children by these students. In fact they each were married to the same student at different times…..i worked with and  sat next to this woman for many years and had no idea of her marriage to Koch and Mindel. At least one  child was given up to adoption after Gans’ instruction. I have heard all 3 (Gans Koch and Mindell)of them say that “dating or socializing with other students is against the rules,” except for them and whoever Gans decides should be together….CREEPY..

Then as I was leaving her fake school she convinced one of the more successful men in the class to leave his wife and 3 children and encouraged one of the more Zombie-like female students to hook up with him. Another “success” for Gans.
You should know a few things and I highly suggest you verify for yourself.

Sharon Gans has NEVER STUDIED with a teacher of the Work. This is easily verifiable; ASK HER.

Sharon Gans does NOT run a School, You are NOT in a school there is NO connection between GANS and ANY school or ANY real teaching. Gans always has others talk about The Work because she NEVER STUDIED IT ! She uses ‘The work” as a ploy- the same way crooked preachers use the bible to ensnare their prey.

She has no regard for ‘The Work’  at all. If she did she would not be pretending to be a teacher. Anyone who studies these ideas knows that BEFORE YOU CAN BECOME A TEACHER YOU MUST BE A STUDENT. In her Legendary arrogance Sharon Gans has crowned herself “teacher” without EVER being a student. Imagine trying to teach golf lessons without ever having picked up a club, or give singing lessons without ever singing a note. Or doing therapy on a large scale without….woops.

She is tinkering with your psyche and emotions. This is dangerous territory.




You are in a group run by LIARS. Robert, Fred, Greg, Cynthia May and Mary all KNOW it is NOT a school, they KNOW Sharon Gans has never had a teacher,but they keep up the pretense that  it is all legit. In fact they treat her like some kind of a highly developed spiritual deity. What level of being does such a thing?  There are hundreds & hundreds of students being told this is a school when it is not,spending their time money and effort and sacrificing their friends and families to receive “C influence”…..  and its a complete sham!

Gans is a Psychopath.

A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse.

She lives in a world where everything revolves around her. She treats people with great disdain (“teachers and ‘students” included) and horrible abusiveness.

She learned a lot of her bullying techniques and mind control from her psychopathic husband Alex Horn ( google his name along with his Theater of All Possibilities also check out http://www.thealexhornpages.com ).  Alex Horn never studied the work either, yet his first wife, Anne Burridge evidently went to a couple of meetings run by a real teacher. So Alex Horn starts a group out in San Francisco (“Theater of All Possibilities”) in the early 70’s knowing little to nothing about the work but just enough to control people and separate them from their money and seduce and abuse women with his “knowledge.” Uncared for and beaten children, physical punishment and sexual deviancy were all par for the course in the original group. (One of Alex’s and Sharon’s first fake students was another kook named Robert Burton. Feel free to google him and his own fake school where he claims himself to be an “angel” and sleeps with his male “students.”) An investigation ensues after an article is published in a local newspaper telling of the beatings and brainwashing. Charges are brought against his group and Fred Mindell, at that time a lawyer, defends them in court.

Eventually they all skip town.   ….. they all flee to New York to set up shop. Alex Horn and Sharon Gans start a group. Horn is out of control so Gans takes over. (Horn goes on to run a smaller group) This was over 30 years ago. Since then she has been “teaching” a subject she has NEVER STUDIED. Completely deceiving hundreds and hundreds of “students”  who are looking for a real teaching. Holding out the idea of an authentic Fourth Way School as bait then you get brainwashed, enslaved and abused. It’s called Bait & Switch….Meanwhile Robert Klien, Fred Mindell, Greg Koch, Cynthia May, Mary Terry, ‘Leslie O’ say nothing about this deception. They have the nerve to talk to students about “level of being.”



What a set-up for the Monster Size Egoist Gans ! Imagine…A self-admitted party girl gets 3 or 4 Extravagant “Christmas Classes” (Parties) plus 20 to 30  birthday parties for the  “in crowd” or “inner circle” people each year and she is the center of attention at ALL of the parties. She probably shows up 3 to 4 times a week (except for summer when she heads out to Montana with her lieutenants and band of fake student/slaves) to do the manipulating of the fake students in person with her “love” (false and exaggerated praise, usually reserved for the rich fake students or the ones who can be deeply hypnotized) and “hate” methods of control including humiliation and severe emotional beat downs and eats and drinks the whole night! For Free! Fake students/slaves (I was one of them, although not for long) show up an hour or more before fake school begins to cook her meals. Only the MOST HYPNOTIZED of the fake students are allowed to run service and they are usually  so enamored with their little position of favor that they take the opportunity to make everyone else who they are working with miserable and depressed.  She has meals prepared for her every night and she obviously takes full advantage of the feasts in the fake teachers room. I guess controlling, manipulating, abusing and Brainwashing hundreds of people makes you pretty hungry…cause the eating don’t stop in the fake teachers room…. There certainly is never any lack of food or alcohol for her and her Gang of Criminals and the orgy of eating and drinking goes on during “class” …except the plates are much smaller.

The soul thief also has students tripping over themselves to perform for her whether it is regular class or “christmas class” like trained animals begging for a morsel of approval and most students are SO desperate to make a “good impression” on her that it is embarrassing. Talk about forgetting yourself ! Then she gives her critique like she is THE diva of the theater (It seems she skipped acting school like she skipped the other school.) She NEVER contributes ANYTHING not a dime ever leaves her ostentatious pocketbooks. She has at least 4 different homes. The latest an $8 million apartment at the Plaza Hotel which was refurbished ….you guessed it….by students… and no they were not paid.  She has the nerve to ask “students” to pay into her “retirement fund.”

She insists that everyone who is in her fake school work yet she hasn’t had a job herself in over 30 years.

She did however direct a play written by her husband Alex Horn called  “The Legend of Sharon Shashanova.”  Directed by Gans. About Gans. Imagine, she thinks of herself as a “legend”….Serious Delusion. Behavior that goes hand in hand with a true psychopath.

The review from New York Magazine (October 17th 1988) for this mess of a play starts out

When it comes to pretentiousness nobody beats The Legend of Sharon Shashanova.”

Of course it’s pretentious. What else could it be? Both of them have been living  pretend lives… DEGENERATE miscreants, imagining themselves as some highly developed beings able to teach a system they have never studied.

They are two-bit Thugs. CRIMINALS in the biggest sense of the word preying on the real wishes of innocent people. Using up people’s lives to improve their own lives and level of comfort. Manipulating people to no end stealing their time, money and families.

The review of the play just goes downhill from there… feel free to google it.

Alex Horn died in 2007, yet his evil continues on through Gans and her sickos.A quote from a former student:

Yes, he was an evil man.

He seduced and slept with MANY of his students – with and without his wife Sharon’s consent.
He was a sexual predator. The worst.
I know that we should not speak ill of the dead but he was so ill himself. Ill as in a sick psycho.
Dust to Dust

You should know that the only reason this group seems so attractive is because the present level of life IS so low that almost anyone who knows anything and studies some Esoteric truth (and watches Oprah everyday) will seem like a genius in today’s world. If ANYONE including the guy selling hotdogs on the corner, was treated with the god-like respect and reverence she is treated with and studied a few esoteric ideas, they too would seem brilliant. What you don’t realize that as a “student”  or victim, you have internally aggrandized Gans and her fake teachers to be some highly developed beings. Children do the same with their parents and abusive parents take full advantage of this.When the child grows up or wakes up he or she see their abusive parents for who they really are. You can do the same.

Almost all the students in class are sincere and wish for something other than what this world has to offer.I do as well.  I miss my friends and hope you all get out soon.  I have been out of class for quite some time now and my quest continues, I am quite encouraged by what I have found and my Life has never been better.  The longer I am out the more i see the criminality and terror of the situation known as “school.” I continue to interview and speak with victims from the past 30 years and the stories are the same. many have split with their spouses who were brainwashed into divorces by Gans while she siphons away the richer spouses money.

Also there are many, many ex- students who are thriving. DO not be afraid or embarrassed that you may have been fooled. These are expert con-artists and very good at what they do. Some of the most intelligent people I know got fooled. Think of all your friends who have left and ask yourself why did they leave? What did they know? What have they found out that you dont know? You have EVERY RIGHT TO QUESTION WHAT YOU ARE BEING TOLD AND IF YOU DONT GET SATISFACTORY ANSWERS…WELL THAT IS AN ANSWER in and of itself. I am VERY angry with myself that I did not INSIST on finding out if I was in an authentic school. I would have saved a lot of time, money and agony. The influence of a large group of people all “speaking from the work” (Gans method of Control) is very intimidating. However you are paying your hard money AND  a lot of your precious time, making huge sacrifices…YOU DESERVE TO KNOW. Do you want to go on doing “3rd line of work” recruiting good people with a real wish into the hands of a Fake and Dangerous group?

Ask the questions :

Is this an authentic School?

If so Sharon, who did you study with ?

‘    If you don’t think you have the right to ask that question then you are exactly the kind of “student” (victim) they are looking for.  I think I want my money back………. because I can’t get my time back.

Follow up Question to Gans;

If Lying Kills essence and you have been lying to us all for over 30 years and we have been living under a HUGE LIE aren’t you essentially dead?

Please read the other posts on Mind Control and attributes of  a real spiritual teacher.

Imagine if everyone lived like Gans? what would the world be like? …Frightening.

It is quite disturbing to see how Gans’ group is run like a classic cult, In lockstep with ALL of the time-tested  Mind Control and Brain washing techniques so well  documented.

Its too bad there is so little education on this subject of cults and mind control.

So many people have wasted their entire lives following crackpots like Gans.

“True evolution consists in learning to make use of words, either spoken or written, with a divine end in mind, in other words to use elements of the Word solely to create what is right, good and beautiful.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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Fake Schools

Please understand that you have been lied to and fooled. Your good will and real wish to evolve has     been co-opted by a group of Psychotic people. This may seem unbelievable to you but you can read this and VERIFY FOR YOURSELF.


Fake Schools:


Gurdjieff himself indicated that there are fake schools where the teacher either:

  • May be genuinely mistaken and think that he knows something, when in reality he knows nothing.
  • May believe another man, who in his turn may be mistaken.
  • May deceive consciously.

Ouspensky quotes Gurdjieff saying that these teachers lead nowhere, except making the students believe that they are going somewhere. He also added that “It is impossible to recognize a wrong way without knowing the right way. This means that it is no use troubling oneself how to recognize a wrong way. One must think of how to find the right way.



It seems pretty clear that Sharon Gans, a self-crowned “teacher” is “deceiving consciously.”


Are you as a “student” allowed to verify everything, or only certain things?


How about verifying if Sharon Gans is an authentic teacher with a real lineage to the work?


Wouldn’t it make sense to verify that you are in a real school?


Would you still stay even if your  knew that your “teacher” is lying to you ?


Would you stay if you knew that all the other “teachers” and older students were      fooling you into believing that you were in a real school… receiving “C” influence?



How can you call yourself a serious student unless you have verified you are in a real   school?


What is preventing you from asking these questions in class?…or even in private? What if you and your partner made an aim to study the history and origin of your “school?”


How many years of your life are willing to waste wondering?


Where it all takes place:


New York City at 119 West 25th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues 4th floor Monday through Thursday 7pm- til the brainwashing and beat-downs are over —- and at 133 West 19th Street, 2nd floor. (Formerly on Broadway between Franklin and Leonard Streets and at Musical Theater Workshop).

In the Boston area everyone now meets in North Billerica near the train station at the old Faulkner Mill. Also, formerly at the Lions Club in Belmont, MA and at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA .

In Copenhagen, Denmark with Jan Mogenson.



This website will be taken down immediately as soon as ANY “teacher” or “student” past or present can show that


A) Gans is an authentic Teacher with a real Lineage to the work.


B)That classic Mind Control and Brainwashing techniques are no longer used as a part of the Gans group.




















While still in fake school (thinking it was real) I went to the internet and read some about Gans and Horn.


Nobody was going to tell me what I could and couldn’t read. What am I, 6 years old?


I read a lot, especially what the soul thieves told me not to read.. mostly on the work and a little on the internet.



After first glance, reading some comments about Gans I thought “these are simply bitter students who couldn’t or wouldn’t do the work.” I stayed in the group.


Then one day in the midst of an emotional tirade from one of the psychos leading class, an entire flood of thoughts occurred to me, “Look at this out of control person, raging like a lunatic on the edge of his seat, spit flying from his mouth along with insult after insult. eyes bulging out,  and no regard or respect for the person he is yelling at…..As if the student didn’t exist… the only thing that seemed to matter was the ‘performance’ he was giving and had given countless times before and more importantly the fear and terror it created in the room. Gans nods in approval. Afterwards  he feels satisfied that he showed how great his “being” was and inwardly congratulates himself, the room falls silent when the tirade is over…you can hear a pin drop……while the student/victims think ‘man that was harsh’ and  ‘wow he must really care about us’…and ‘maybe one day I can learn to be like that …but for now I am shit and I better be very careful not to be at the wrong end of such violence’   Others think ‘maybe I’ll chime in to support him and the violence and I can then get a feather in my cap as well.’  Other student/victims  think ‘Ill just be quiet and say nothing as long as I can so nobody notices me…..Ill make up for it by doing a lot of work for them’ Others think ‘ isn’t it wonderful how much the teachers care about us.’ The real conscious part of ourselves think “this guy is a Lunatic and I can’t believe this is suposed to be some group based on consciousness. This type of violence can produce nothing but more fear and psychosis.”


Sound familiar?


It became obvious to me that these tirades, while feeling good to the fake teachers was a manipulative ploy to shock the student/victims into subserviency and obedience…..  and wouldn’t you know it… It works..

It is classic cult leader behavior that Gans learned from Alex Horn and has taught so well to Fred Mindel, Greg Koch, Mary Terry, Minerva Taylor, Cynthia May who in turn has taught it to all the older students.


There are also more subtle and clever ways of controlling “students”. Making cutting remarks while disallowing any response. Pointing out a past shameful events (admitted during a ‘confession’), the threat of revealing a secret about you in front of the entire class, shaming a student/victim into taking on a slave job for the fake school etc. etc.



After realizing just how sick and manipulative all this behavior was I decided to leave for good. I went back and really began to investigate without the tunnel vision lens that Gans and her freaks had imposed on me…..I was astonished to see the endless stream of accounts, hundreds and hundreds of them dating back to the 70’s right up to the present, concerning the abuse that Horn and Gans have dealt out. I realized that all the accounts of abuse (physical, sexual and emotional) were consistent, nobody was making anything up, and that the only reason I hadn’t reacted normally to what I was seeing in class and reading on the internet was the fact that I was brainwashed and put to sleep with the language, rules, air of sacredness, long hours and isolation from the world. That isolation helped along by a feeling of superiority in being a member of such an elite and exclusive group.


So glad I saw the Light.


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