Fake Schools

Please understand that you have been lied to and fooled. Your good will and real wish to evolve has     been co-opted by a group of Psychotic people. This may seem unbelievable to you but you can read this and VERIFY FOR YOURSELF.


Fake Schools:


Gurdjieff himself indicated that there are fake schools where the teacher either:

  • May be genuinely mistaken and think that he knows something, when in reality he knows nothing.
  • May believe another man, who in his turn may be mistaken.
  • May deceive consciously.

Ouspensky quotes Gurdjieff saying that these teachers lead nowhere, except making the students believe that they are going somewhere. He also added that “It is impossible to recognize a wrong way without knowing the right way. This means that it is no use troubling oneself how to recognize a wrong way. One must think of how to find the right way.



It seems pretty clear that Sharon Gans, a self-crowned “teacher” is “deceiving consciously.”


Are you as a “student” allowed to verify everything, or only certain things?


How about verifying if Sharon Gans is an authentic teacher with a real lineage to the work?


Wouldn’t it make sense to verify that you are in a real school?


Would you still stay even if your  knew that your “teacher” is lying to you ?


Would you stay if you knew that all the other “teachers” and older students were      fooling you into believing that you were in a real school… receiving “C” influence?



How can you call yourself a serious student unless you have verified you are in a real   school?


What is preventing you from asking these questions in class?…or even in private? What if you and your partner made an aim to study the history and origin of your “school?”


How many years of your life are willing to waste wondering?


Where it all takes place:


New York City at 119 West 25th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues 4th floor Monday through Thursday 7pm- til the brainwashing and beat-downs are over —- and at 133 West 19th Street, 2nd floor. (Formerly on Broadway between Franklin and Leonard Streets and at Musical Theater Workshop).

In the Boston area everyone now meets in North Billerica near the train station at the old Faulkner Mill. Also, formerly at the Lions Club in Belmont, MA and at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA .

In Copenhagen, Denmark with Jan Mogenson.



This website will be taken down immediately as soon as ANY “teacher” or “student” past or present can show that


A) Gans is an authentic Teacher with a real Lineage to the work.


B)That classic Mind Control and Brainwashing techniques are no longer used as a part of the Gans group.




















While still in fake school (thinking it was real) I went to the internet and read some about Gans and Horn.


Nobody was going to tell me what I could and couldn’t read. What am I, 6 years old?


I read a lot, especially what the soul thieves told me not to read.. mostly on the work and a little on the internet.



After first glance, reading some comments about Gans I thought “these are simply bitter students who couldn’t or wouldn’t do the work.” I stayed in the group.


Then one day in the midst of an emotional tirade from one of the psychos leading class, an entire flood of thoughts occurred to me, “Look at this out of control person, raging like a lunatic on the edge of his seat, spit flying from his mouth along with insult after insult. eyes bulging out,  and no regard or respect for the person he is yelling at…..As if the student didn’t exist… the only thing that seemed to matter was the ‘performance’ he was giving and had given countless times before and more importantly the fear and terror it created in the room. Gans nods in approval. Afterwards  he feels satisfied that he showed how great his “being” was and inwardly congratulates himself, the room falls silent when the tirade is over…you can hear a pin drop……while the student/victims think ‘man that was harsh’ and  ‘wow he must really care about us’…and ‘maybe one day I can learn to be like that …but for now I am shit and I better be very careful not to be at the wrong end of such violence’   Others think ‘maybe I’ll chime in to support him and the violence and I can then get a feather in my cap as well.’  Other student/victims  think ‘Ill just be quiet and say nothing as long as I can so nobody notices me…..Ill make up for it by doing a lot of work for them’ Others think ‘ isn’t it wonderful how much the teachers care about us.’ The real conscious part of ourselves think “this guy is a Lunatic and I can’t believe this is suposed to be some group based on consciousness. This type of violence can produce nothing but more fear and psychosis.”


Sound familiar?


It became obvious to me that these tirades, while feeling good to the fake teachers was a manipulative ploy to shock the student/victims into subserviency and obedience…..  and wouldn’t you know it… It works..

It is classic cult leader behavior that Gans learned from Alex Horn and has taught so well to Fred Mindel, Greg Koch, Mary Terry, Minerva Taylor, Cynthia May who in turn has taught it to all the older students.


There are also more subtle and clever ways of controlling “students”. Making cutting remarks while disallowing any response. Pointing out a past shameful events (admitted during a ‘confession’), the threat of revealing a secret about you in front of the entire class, shaming a student/victim into taking on a slave job for the fake school etc. etc.



After realizing just how sick and manipulative all this behavior was I decided to leave for good. I went back and really began to investigate without the tunnel vision lens that Gans and her freaks had imposed on me…..I was astonished to see the endless stream of accounts, hundreds and hundreds of them dating back to the 70’s right up to the present, concerning the abuse that Horn and Gans have dealt out. I realized that all the accounts of abuse (physical, sexual and emotional) were consistent, nobody was making anything up, and that the only reason I hadn’t reacted normally to what I was seeing in class and reading on the internet was the fact that I was brainwashed and put to sleep with the language, rules, air of sacredness, long hours and isolation from the world. That isolation helped along by a feeling of superiority in being a member of such an elite and exclusive group.


So glad I saw the Light.


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